About Moonlight
Moonlight Studio

Moonlight studio is Kuwait’s premier photography studio. Equipped with modern gear and offering a full range of professional photography services covering portraits, commercial and product imaging, wedding coverage, and a unique style that makes for inspiring photographs that truely express our passion for imaging.

Products & Services

» Wedding Photography

We believe Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember. Hence our obligation is to provide a view of each wedding through our eyes, in the way that each bride and groom has never seen and will never see until after the wedding.

» Children's Photography

Our clients are mesmerized by the way our portraits seem to freeze time, capturing the little things about their children that they would otherwise forget as time passes.

» Commercial Photography

A great image is a story in the shortest possible form with the greatest possible impact. Those who understand this best are the best photographers.

» Architectural Photography

We approach each assignment with a fresh sense of discovery. With a goal to produce visually exiting photographs that have a lasting impact and usefulness.

» Food Photography

Taste the pictures when we photograph them (not literally!). Our equipment can clearly show how tasty food is; at the same time, we can make it look even sweeter.

» Fashion Photography

If you want to be a model, then Moonlight is the place where you can start of. We can shoot your unique pose as a model and make viewers feel they want to feel and wear the clothes right through the photos.

» Graphic Work

Why not touch your photos up a little with a bit of graphic design. With our professional editing we can amend your photos to the way you imagine it. What you can imagine, we can create.